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🤑 Zero fee mobile ordering, deposited directly to Square

⌚ Time saving automation for social media

🔃 Connects with Google Calendar

🥳 High quality catering leads worth your business

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Why Choose LunchTruck for Business

Zero Fee Mobile Ordering

Enable online ordering in the LunchTruck app by connecting Square. We take absolutely zero fees, and payment goes directly to your Square account.

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Focus On The Business

Save time and have your schedule publish to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LunchTruck with one click. And update your event schedule via text.

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Catering Leads

You will only get invited to catering gigs that meet your specifications. No more spam emails and calls with low bids or turnout.

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Who Uses LunchTruck? Why Trust Us?

Over a thousand food trucks are already on LunchTruck. Currently available in

And rapidly expanding throughout the west in 2022.

Our visitors trust in us when they open the app to find an abundance of food trucks to choose from, and accurate schedules. We understand some truck owners don't want to participate, despite hungry customers looking for them.